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Web Hosting Migration 2014

Hello, everyone. Thank you for your patience as we have got you moved over to an upgraded server.

control panels & webmail

You once again have new URLs (web addresses) for your control panels and webmail; you can find those on the main client page. Those who previously had "conventional" hosting are now under "Premium #2".

Your sites were ported over directly, so all your current passwords should work. If you cannot sign in, please send me an email at intelligentdesigner@timgallant.com.

As previously, we are using cPanel for your control panels. It's the most widely-used web control panel available, and considerably more user-friendly than what we had on the previous server. For cPanel related questions, you should be able to find answers at cPanel's own site—their User Guide is very helpful, and they also have forums. But if there are issues you cannot resolve, please feel free to email me.

email client settings

If you are not using webmail (or if you use both webmail and a regular email application), please check this page for the mailserver settings you need to use in your email application.

Tim Gallant
February 21, 2014

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