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Why Hard Rock is Good for You

Speed: Super-Fast Web Hosting

Your site is delivered from SAS hard drives, spinning twice as fast as conventional disks, accelerated by SSD caching. And they're four deep in a RAID-10 array, pretty much twice as fast again as a single disk. And then we've got Varnish making everything crazy fast.

Power that up with heavy-duty CPUs, plenty of DDR3 RAM and couple it to a gangbusters 1Gbps connection port, and you're going places. Fast.

And because the starting point is in one of the most central and best-connected datacenters in North America (Steadfast in downtown Chicago), your site reaches the whole continent with the speed of lightning.


Remember those RAID-10 arrays? If one drive fails, there's still 3 more chugging away. Plus, nightly and weekly backups, just in case.


Most webhosts care about one thing: plugging as many customers onto the server as possible, come what may. Hard Rock manually approves hosting requests so that the people who make trouble for the rest (spammers and the like) get weeded out from the get-go. It's the personal touch that makes us different.

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